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LiBrow Eyebrow Serum

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Say goodbye to thin, sparse eyebrows and hello to thicker, bolder brows with LiBrow - the world's most popular eyebrow growth serum.

  • Thicker, bolder brows in just 8-12 weeks
  • Physician formulated and clinically tested
  • Combination of natural conditioners and highly effective active ingredients to boost growth
  • Paraben free, petro-chemical free and salt free
  • Natural tinting agent to subtly enhance your natural brow colour
  • Not tested on animals

Sizes available:

  • LiBrow Full Size 6ml (6 month supply)
  • LiBrow Demi 3ml (3 month supply)  


    How to Apply LiBrow

    Apply once a day to clean, dry skin

    • Remove the wand from the tube and wipe the excess serum off inside the rim of the tube.
    • Using the unique brush specifically for your brow, apply a small amount to the arch of the brow or where you have patches you would like filled in
    • One small stroke daily is all you need.
    • Ensure you apply LiBrow directly to the skin as the serum needs to penetrate through to the base of the follicles.
    • Use daily for 8-12 weeks.
    • Once you have your brows where you want them, use 1-3 times per week as maintenance.

    LiBrow is highly concentrated.  A single application stroke is all you need for best results.  For sensitive eyes, apply every other day during the first week.  

    IMPORTANT:  LiBrow should not be used on your lashes.  LiBrow has witch hazel in it which can be harmful if put near your lashes.

    Individual Results May Vary 


    It seems like forever that one side of my hair and the eyebrow on the same side of my head has been thinner than the other, I normally wear my fringe long to hide said patchy eyebrow. About two months ago my eyebrow lady at Off Wax Britomart told me about a product they stocked – LiBrow and LiLash. After getting in touch with the distributor here in Auckland, I started my own trial using LiBrow read more

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