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LiLash Eyelash Serum

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Enhance your Eyelashes with LiLash Conditioning Serum.

Join the millions of other women experiencing longer natural lashes with LiLash – the world’s most popular eyelash growth serum.

Benefits for LiLash

Sizes available:

  • LiLash Full Size 4ml (6 month supply)
  • LiLash Demi 2ml (3 month supply)    

How To Apply Lilash


 Apply once a day to clean, dry skin - follow the steps for the right application:

  1. Remove the applicator from the tube and wipe off excess serum on the inside of the tube
  2. Apply LiLash directly to the upper eyelid skin, along the lash line. 
  3. Every time you apply, alternate the direction of the stroke from outer to inner
  4. Allow the serum to dry for 2-3 minutes before applying cosmetics

    LiLash is highly concentrated.  A single application stroke is all you need for best results.  For sensitive eyes, apply every other day during the first week.


    LiLash Rated 4/5 or higher - read over 35 independent reviews HERE at NZ's biggest beauty guide - Beauty Review 

    Individual Results May Vary 

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    100% Genuine LiLash ProductWinner best in Beauty 2015Winner best in Beauty 2013

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