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Compare Zenagen Products and Choose

Which Zenagen product is right for you?

Because our Revolve and Evolve lines are specially formulated to serve distinctly different hair care needs, we do not recommend that you use both together. The criteria below can help determine which system is right for you.

Use Zenagen Revolve if any of the following describes you:
  • You exhibit male or female pattern baldness or have visible hair loss/ recession.  
  • You are a woman over 40 years old (the age at which the risk of hair loss increases). 
  • You are male aged 18+ (men of all ages are susceptible to androgenic alopecia). 
  • You are a woman under age 40 and have fine, thin hair caused by hyper- or hypothyroidism
  • You have experienced postpartum hair loss and would like to restore hair volume and density
  • You have struggled with hair loss and other products have failed to deliver results.

Unfortunately, most people don’t notice hair loss until DHT buildup has already reached drastic proportions below the surface of the scalp. Because early detection is difficult, preemptive treatment is key to successful hair preservation and replenishment.

Use Zenagen Evolve if any of the following describes you:
  • You are under the age of 40 and do not exhibit symptoms of male or female pattern baldness or recession.
  • You have brittle, dry or broken hair from heat styling or colour/chemical treatment.
  • You have generally healthy hair but would like to accelerate growth and increase length, strength, and shine.


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