Frequently Asked Questions - Avante Mascara

Will Avante Mascara replace an eyelash serum?

    No. An eyelash serum is more concentrated and provides the nutrients directly to the follicles as it is applied to the eyelid. Avante Mascara will help to support the new lashes growing through with the application directly to the lash. Avante Mascara is an active product, and helps to compliment the use of an eyelash serum.

    Can I use Avante Mascara if I have sensitive eyes?

      Some reactions can occur with any product, so check on the ingredients list to see if you are sensitive. However, if on the rare occasion you find this occurs, please reduce the amount and use every second day.

      What are the colours available?

        Black and Brown

        How long will Avante Mascara last?

          We recommend replacing your mascara every 4 – 6 months depending on usage. If the product is becoming flaky then it needs to be replaced.

          What fibres are in Avante Mascara?

            We do not use any synthetic fibres in Avante Mascara, our bonding and thickening agent is Xanthan Gum.

            Can I put multiple layers of Avante Mascara on immediately?

              We recommend that the first layer is a small amount in which you allow to dry for 30 seconds before applying additional layers. The first coat is to separate and position the lashes, the second provides a more dramatic effect.


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